Outing to Tradecoast History Museum

Tradecoast Central Heritage Park
Thursday 24th August
11:30 am
87 Schneider Road
QLD 4009

TradeCoast Central Heritage Park Interpretive Centre is at the heart of three heritage sites at the location of Brisbane’s former Eagle Farm Airport. On this visit, we will focus on the stories of Brisbane’s convict era from the Moreton Bay Penal Settlement. at the Convict Women’s Prison and Factory. (The other two sites are World War Two sites – Allison Engine Testing Stands and Hangar 7.)

You can bring a picnic or enjoy a meal at one of the food outlets, knowing there will always be plenty of room to spread out over the green grass of the park which covers what was once a Convict Factory, a women’s prison, and a busy airport runway.

The Interpretive Centre is open from 10am to 4pm weekdays. Entry is free. Parking is available via Backhouse Place, at the southern end of the park, and Amy Johnson Place, at the northern end. Meet at the Museum. To arrange carpooling or get a lift from Coopers Plains at 11am, leave a comment below (click this post’s heading if you don’t see the comment field below) or send a message via the Contact Page.


Note this is an unofficial excursion and as such, in agreeing to participate, you accept all responsibility for all risks involved.

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