CPLHG Fortnightly eNews #4

Our next meeting will be at the Dutch House.
Come as see what we hope will be a history cafe.

9 Macdevitt Street, Coopers Plains

Oxley Creek Catchment Association (OCCA) is the current tenant and is kindly allowing us to meet there and view the interior as well. Hank Blessing, whose father and brother is thought to have worked on building the house many years ago, will be there to tell us what he knows about its construction. Following that, we can discuss the potential for a history cafe. Paul Budde, Chair of Dutch Australia Cultural Centre will also join us. Anita Love from the Griffith University’s Marketing Department will also be there to consider ways to promote the project. The first order of business is to authorize re-registration of CPHG with the Office of Fair Trade and the opening of a bank account. Donations will be accepted to cover these costs.

Don’t miss your chance to view some of the history group’s archives which are now on display at Coopers Plains Library. Thanks to Beryl Roberts and the library staff for organizing this choice selection of our suburb’s history, including a display of the Dutch houses.

Next Meeting
3pm, Friday 28th July.
9 Macdevitt Street, Coopers Plains
Registration of association with OFT.
Open a bank account.
Conversation and tour of 9 Macdevitt Street with Hank Blessing, Paul Budde and Anita Love.

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CPLHG Fortnightly eNews #3

I had the good fortune to travel to Indonesia last month and visit some of its Dutch colonial past.

Jakarta’s Old Batavia Town was built on the earlier settlement of Jayakarta. (Click the link for a thorough coverage.)

Dotted around the country is this quaint bakery chain store – Holland Bakery

What an inspiration for a local Dutch History Cafe! Later this month, the Coopers Plains History Group will hold a meeting at the proposed site – 9 Macdevitt Street, Coopers Plains – to formally register the group with the Office of Fair Trade and open a bank account. The meeting will be followed by a discussion with someone who had personal involvement in its construction. We’re hoping to have a content creator to record the occasion and help promote the project. Keep an eye on this news site for details. The most likely date is Thursday 27th at 3pm.