CPHG Fortnightly eNews #5

A name change and a new logo.

Archival material was on display at the library last month.

At a well-attended meeting last month, the group resolved to register with the Office of Fair Trade under the name Coopers Plains History Group – dropping the word ‘Local’. It also resolved to open a bank account and pursue plans for preserving the Dutch House as a history cafe.

We need a new logo as a consequence of the name change. The committee will vote on this at the next meeting. In anticipation of this, if you know anyone with some basic graphic art skills that can provide some designs, please get in touch by commenting below please (you may need to click on the heading above first to find the comment field). We had the meeting at 9 Macdevitt Street, Coopers Plains which is currently used as a Centre by Oxley Creek Catchment Association (OCCA).  We toured the property inside and out with some who were able to reminisce about the times it was built; Hank Blessing, Allan Waller and Amanda Kelly. Also with us was Neville Buch, John Prpic, and Bruce Cifuentes – we discussed the possibilities and it occurred to us to try and procure some original fittings from the other Dutch Houses that are soon to be demolished.

Last week, Consolidated Property informed OCCA their tenancy is to be terminated in two months. This was unexpected, as they have new quarters being built, ready for occupancy in July next year. We are waiting to hear from the developers as to what their intentions are.

The display of items from our archives at the library has been replaced by some interesting samples from the Woodturners Association of Queensland. I (Simon) had the opportunity to search through our archives for the first time last week. I was searching for the group’s old official certificate of incorporation. I am pleased to report that the files are well organized, thanks to the previous custodians of the history group, although there is room for further sorting.

Our next meeting will be at the Dutch House again at 4pm on Saturday 19th of August. Come along and find out what the news is. We meet every third Saturday. In September and October, we’ll meet at the library.

9 Macdevitt Street


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