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Brisbane-Queensland Commemoration planning for 2023-2025
Cowpers Camp Convict Station Search
Dutch History Cafe update
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Coopers Plains History Group and its umbrella organization, the Brisbane Southside History Network, is pursuing an investigation into an apparent absence of planning by the state and local governments to Commemorate the Bicentennial of Queensland’s beginnings and Brisbane City Council’s formation from 2023 to 2024. History groups are planning events, but …

Layout of Brisbane Town Moreton Bay c 1839 – www.flickr.com

In late November, early December, 1823, the explorer John Oxley and crew of HMS Mermaid surveyed Moreton Bay and the Brisbane River and Moreton Bay. In mid-September 1824, Lieutenant Henry Miller landed the brig, Amity, on the shores of Redcliffe Peninsula in the Gubbi Gubbi tribal area and established the First European Settlement which they called Humpybong. It was relocated in November to Edenglassie – the first name given to Brisbane where the CBD now stands. History Redcliffe is currently planning ways to mark the 200th anniversary of this historic event. November saw the arrival of NSW Governor Brisbane in Moreton Bay for a brief inspection of the colony’s beginnings. This year and next will see the Bicentennial of these significant events in our history. 2025 will see the Centennial of the formation of the Brisbane City Council in 1925.

Cowpers Camp Convict Station Search

1919 reprint of Moreton 40 map_MBMP-0004-024

A lively discussion from many members on our Facebook group chat The Convict Station is helping us pinpoint the exact location of the penal colony era convict station that was the first settlement in our area of southern Brisbane. Join the group to contribute, or write to us. The information will be archived and announced on our website. Would you like to see a plaque placed there? We need volunteers to join a committee and apply for grants. Use the same contact details to get in touch and volunteer.

The Dutch History Cafe dream has morphed into a joint CPHG and DACC (Dutch Australia Cultural Centre) collaboration to launch a Story Collection to bring together people who feel associated with the 1950s Queensland Housing Commission project of houses built by a Dutch company and Dutch immigrants. 9 Macdevitt Street, which we identified as very original and having potential for public display, is currently being sold back the Department of Housing by the developer that owns it, we understand. This could mean a group that wanted to run a history cafe and community orchard out of it might be able to persuade the state government to rent it at a peppercorn rate.


Harry Gentle Research Centre

Jan Richardson and Tamsin O’Connor, in conjunction with the Harry Gentle Research Centre are planning a conference in recognition of the bicentenary of early settlement in SE Qld. Further details on this will appear under ‘News and Events’ on their website.

https://harrygentle.griffith.edu.au/news/ Email: harrygentle@griffith.edu.au

Royal Queensland Historical Society

2023 Separation Day Celebrations: Sunday, December 10th, 5- 7pm. On the occasion of the separation of Queensland from New South Wales in 1859. Commissariat Store Museum, CBD.

https://www.queenslandhistory.org/events Phone: (07) 3221 4198

Brisbane Motor Museum

Look out for the Coopers Plains History Group visit to this brand new museum in Banyo.


Cooper Plains History Group

is booked to meet every 3rd Saturday at 4pm at the Coopers Plains Library Meeting Room until May 2024, after which the schedule may change.

Next Meeting:
Saturday October 21st
Coopers Plains Library Meeting Room

All welcome. Please RSVP by commenting below (you may need to click on the title of this post to bring the comment field up). Thanks to the friendly and helpful staff of the Coopers Plains Library for printing out these newsletters and offering them to anyone who wants to keep in touch without going online.

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